Bel Canto Chorale members reside mostly in southern Nassau County, though our membership has been growing and stretches into a wide area of Long Island. We enjoy the challenges of preparing for our performances as well as the camaraderie among the members, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Our December and May concerts have a classical focus, while our March benefit concert is light in nature and provides members with the opportunity to show off their individual talents as a soloist, or with other members! Creativity and fun is the goal of our March concert!

If you like to sing choral music, Bel Canto is for you! Come make some new friends and share your talents!


• Rehearsals are held weekly on Sunday evenings from 7pm-9pm at the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church, 1845 Wantagh Ave., Wantagh.

• Our fall season rehearsals start the Sunday after Labor Day until our fall concert. Our fall season concert is the second Saturday in December with dress rehearsal on the Friday evening before the concert.

• Our spring season rehearsals start on the first Sunday of the calendar year, and continue until our spring concert in May. Our dress rehearsal is the Friday evening before the concert.

• We hold a benefit concert on the second Sunday in March. This afternoon event replaces the rehearsal for that evening. We do not rehearse on Easter Sunday.


Directions to Rehearsals  

Dues and Organization

Dues for each semester are $60 per person, or $105 per married couple. We also offer a Student Discount Rate of $30, payable by the end of the season’s first month. Each member is required to purchase a minimum of 2 tickets for each of the major concerts as, well as participate in our other fundraising activities which may include selling tickets for auctions, sports pools, donating items or services for our benefit concert auction, or selling advertisements for our concert journal. We do not receive funding from outside sources, and rely on participation of our members to help keep Bel Canto moving forward.

As a community group, Bel Canto relies on the ideas and the participation of our members to make our group great! If you have thoughts on how you can help Bel Canto, please do not hesitate to approach one of our board members or our music director. Some of our most successful fundraisers, auctions and sales have come from the wonderful ideas of our members, and we always welcome input! Participation of members is imperative to the success of a group like Bel Canto, and we look forward to many more years and many more members!

Fragrance Free Rehearsals and concerts

Some of our singers have allergies to fragrances and to cigarette smoke. We therefore permit NO perfume, cologne, or scented shaving lotion whenever we sing (including rehearsals). Please be considerate of others and refrain from wearing fragrance at rehearsals, and from smoking just prior to rehearsals or concerts as well.

Concert Dress

Ladies wear black tops, shoulders covered; black skirt, knee to ankle length; dark black hose and shoes. No reflective jewelry, pearls are OK.

Gentlemen wear tuxedos with cummerbunds, long-sleeved white shirts, black bow ties, black socks, and black shoes.